Solstice Spices are the best that I have ever tasted! The flavor is unreal! They are locally grown by people that put passion into what they do. You can taste the difference!

Bjorn Carlson

I bought three spice blends at the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday. I used the poultry one on dinner for my family and everyone made a point of saying how good it was! These are my go-to spices from now on.

Rene Bell Knaphus

I might be just a little bit kind of sorta hugely in love with garlic herb from Solstice Spices!
Yesterday I added it to simple cappellini pasta. Today it helps me with my dish that includes sweet potato, kale and mushroom. Thank you for the kind of attention to your craft. It is evident in every taste.

Dani Estes McDonough
10 jars of Solstice Spices in front of the old barn at our farm