Locally Grown

We grow many ingredients ourselves at our urban farm. Everything else is carefully sourced as close to home as possible. We are lucky to have many farming friends who help supply us with the flavorful, peak season produce we need.


Every onion, garlic, pepper, and herb that fills our jars has been sliced, dried, crushed, and blended by Chef Tony's hands.

Small Batch

Small batches allow us to pay close attention to every detail. You can expect perfect consistency and flavor in every bottle.


We have become experts over the years in growing beautiful basil, rosemary, parsley, and sage. And our dry Utah climate means that any fresh herbs that don't sell at market, can begin drying the day they are picked.

We have also developed great relationships over the years with other Utah farmers, including Petersen Farm, Roberts Farm, and Hatfield Farm. We source our peppers and onions from these hard working families.

Our garlic is from California's Christopher Ranch. They grow a respectable product, it's relatively “local”, and, most importantly, we can buy it peeled! This saves endless hours of labor. Someday, when we can afford the garlic peeling machine, we will buy our garlic from Utah or grow it ourselves.

Finally, a delicious flaked sea salt from the North Coast of California is added to a few of our jars.

We continually research to find the best products available, from as close to home as possible.

At last, these carefully selected ingredients are carefully dried, crushed, and blended by our Chef.

The process is relatively simple, but long and complicated at the same time. The result is pure freshness and flavor galore!

Smoking peppers


  • Mountain Man Buy

    Our HOT-est blend of all, but full of flavor and love. We keep a jar on the dinner table for those who like to spice up their own plate.

  • Chile Garlic Buy

    A kicked up version of our Garlic Herb. We added just a bit of chile to this one for those who like more heat, but not too much.

  • Garlic Herb Buy

    Essentially the best garlic salt you ever tasted. Perfect for garlic toast, pasta, roast beef, and practically anything else you can think of.

  • For the Birds Buy

    Just think poultry! Yes, turkey, chicken, duck. But also incredible for potatoes, mushrooms, and tofu...anything Italian.

  • Chipotle Buy

    A smoked and dried jalapeno pepper. It is about as simple as it gets, but loaded with complexity, flavor and heat! This one has been known to make people sneeze.

  • Paprika Buy

    Ours is lightly smoked bell pepper. There is a tinge of heat, but also a bit of sweet and earthy. A great substitute for black pepper in any recipe, but especially delicious with eggs, winter squash, sausage, and sweet potatoes.

  • What's the Dill Buy

    A great match for fish, especially wild salmon. Or use it to create your own sour cream clam dip. The richness of flavors will have you adding this blend to foods you'd never imagine seasoning with dill.

  • My BFF Mary Buy

    Celery salt with a kick. Perfect for tomato juice, with or without vodka. The freshly grown celery flavor will surprise you in pasta, potato, or green salads. Also makes a nice finishing spice for cream soups.

  • Bayou Blend Buy

    Perfect for blackening fish, chicken, or steak. This is the Cajun kick you need for beans and rice, mac and cheese, or crawfish boil.

All spices in a row All spices in a row